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What Does Fermentation Look Like In A 1.3% AVB?

Two and a half days ago a pitched S-23 in a Carib Shandy Lager. I have not come close to brewing anything close to a 1.3% ABV beer before . In the past 12 hours it looks as if something has changed on the surface. Maybe a little bubble here and there but nothing even close to what I’m used to seeing. What should I expect out of beer this light in gravity? Temp is a controlled 52. Should I make change?

well, that certainly is a very light beer. I would expect to ‘see’ very little activity. But with fermentation you never know

you never want to judge fermentation by how it looks, or how the airlock bubbles. the only way to KNOW anything is happening is by taking gravity readings. if the gravity is dropping and/or has dropped, then it’s fermenting

1.3%? Really? Why?

+1 HA!

Fart in the tub… that’s what I expect your fermentation would look like.

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