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What do you do when you forget to HHB?

I was all out of homebrew. I was able to RDW but my HB was coffee.

Is there a prayer I should say, or maybe an offering I should make towards the fermenter to ensure it’s okay? I’m just going to continue to not W unless directed otherwise.

well, my cat cautious friend, I’ve brewed a great many brew on the “other dark meat”. but maybe you should have an espresso just in case.

good call. will definitely go that route if i end up in this predicament again.

i have one batch that will be two weeks into bottle conditioning tomorrow.
today i sat down with the newly fermenting batch and apologized. i cracked one of my almost-done batch open. i said “this one is for you fermentor, i am HHBASAP. this is not for me, this is only for you.” and fermentor bubbled in appreciation. Pretty sure it’ll be fine.

Buy at least two more fermenters and get more beer in the pipeline!

If you brewed the Coffee at home I think your covered.

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