What do you call a beer you just screw up right out of style

So my BIAB grind was so fine that when I added my mini-mash runnings to the 6# Northern Brewer Rye Extract in an attempt to make a Rye Knot type brown ale I end up with OG of 1.074? I mean really, was aiming for 1.058 and now I have something which will be 8% alcohol with 30 IBU’s…sigh. Pitched S-05 last night and wonder what this is now? An American Ole Ale? :?

Beer! That’s what you have.
Don’t get too hung up on sticking to style guidelines. It will still be a good beer. If you’re worried about competition style, you have rye in it so it can go in cat 23.

It’s a beer that’ll get you and your friends nice and buzzed. :cheers:

I don’t recall any of them having a particular problem with that now :stuck_out_tongue:

Worst case scenario it’ll taste a little boozey, but there are ways to mask that.

Is it possible your hydrometer reading was off because the wort was not evenly mixed. When the initial fermentation slows take another reading.

Stirred it, took a reading, had your thoughts, stirred and took another…same results. Thanks for the thought though.


As in?

As in?[/quote]Dry hopping.

You could also make a diluted priming solution at bottling time to bring the gravity down.

add boiled, unfermentable sugars.

Don’t mask it…mellow it with some patient aging (I know…patience can be a lot to ask of homebrewers.
The concept of “fresh beer” is vastly over-stated (and often over-rated, too).
Sometimes, time is your friend…and it usually is with beers such as the one you accidentally made.
If you did everything else right (sanitation, etc.) and you manage to age the brew I’m betting that when you finally taste it you’ll wish you had made more.