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What did ya'll get for Christmas?

What cool new brewing toys did you get for Christmas?

My wife got me:

  • Parts to build a mashtun
  • 7.0 cf chest freezer
  • Dual stage temp controller
  • Fast-rack bottle trays
  • $50 giftcard to NB

The quality of beer in my house is about to go up!

Nice, you’re set to go. I have all the stuff I need pretty much. I got two $100 gift cards to Northern Brewer. One from dad, one from mom. Oh, and I got a chalkboard tap handle from my mom.

They were “gifts to self” that just happen to be close to xmas…

20 lb co2 bottle
gas and beverage QD’s and tubing.

I was gonna get myself a Thermopen, but on Christmas eve I found an Odyssey putter that retails for 150 bucks for $49, I couldn’t pass it up. It won’t help my brewing but hopefully it will help me shave a few strokes off my game.

I got:

  • duplicate AG kits
  • duplicate oxygen regulators; and
  • a chilled-wort-out temperature monitor for the plate chiller

Not sure what’ll happen with the funds returned from the duplicate regulator…

We got a 6.5 gal big mouth, with all the trimmings: blow-off tubing, extra gaskets, lifting harness.

After several bucket-lid pop offs, I think I’m most happy about the blow-off tubing. But in the longer term I’ll enjoy finally being able to see inside the fermenter.

As a bonus, we had a patersbier in process, so we can harvest that yeast today, and christen the big mouth with a Carmelite Tripel.

I got myself a new putter last year for Christmas (Nike Method Core Series) and it almost immediately took 5 strokes off my game. Amazing. Good luck.

This years Christmas day brew haul:
3 gallon glass carboy (for sours, high gravity & split batch beers)
AHA Membership
Norther Brewer 911 Emergency kit
A bottle of Fermcap-S
A nice brew-notebook for brew day note taking
IPA Book by Mitch Steele

No equipment, pretty set there but got some decent brew
2013 Deschutes Abyss
2012 Goose Island Big John
6er of 3 Floyds Robert the Bruce
Portland Growler Co ceramic growler

I did buy a Dead Ringer extract kit for a buddy who is about to get into brewing

My wife and two sons got me the Edelmetall Brü Burner… Gonna try it out this weekend even though it’s gonna be cold outside…

I got myself an early Christmas present by purchasing all the items to build a keezer and had my buddy build it just in time to serve on Christmas Eve. The wife had some awesome gifts under tree for me as well…Penguins and Steelers tap handles and a custom chalkboard sign to display my tap list. I didn’t get any NB gift cards this year but my fantasy football winnings more than makes up for that.

Nothing :frowning:

My wife bought me a grain mill for my birthday in October and I recently purchased about $80 worth of 2013 hops. This along with around 100+lbs of grain in the house means I’m all set for 2014 :smiley:

BUT, I’ve yet to get together with either my parents or in-laws to exchange gifts. If any gift cards come my way, I’m sure I’ll find something to buy. Maybe perlicks!


Yeah I won two leagues this year so the added income was pretty nice :slight_smile:


No brewing toys for Christmas. Bummer.

I asked for 2 things and got the non-brew item, so no complaints. Now I wait patiently for a 6gal bubbler to show up on craigslist or go 2-for-1 at NB, in my new captain america hoodie!

Hey,guys and where do you buy gift cards to Northern Brewer ?
I want it !! :cheers:

My wife bought me a Northern Brewer T shirt, coffee mug, beer glass and gift card. My son bought me a chalkboard tap handle, and really cool beer glasses that they were selling at a local watering hole.

The only beer-related Xmas gift for me this year was I got to brew on Christmas day. Don’t really need more stuff…

It’s been a good xmas. I got four used pin lock kegs and new co2 tank and hoses. Now have eight kegs all together. So every thing can be on tap all the time. Also got new 10 gallon megapot and dark star burner and a few AG kits.

My niece got me a sampler paddle with a set of glasses for it. Everything else, I already have.

[quote=“John_Kelvin”]Hey,guys and where do you buy gift cards to Northern Brewer ?
I want it !! :cheers: [/quote]

My wife bought my gift card from Northern Brewers web site.

I bought myself a brewhemoth conical. The best present I got was the book The Bread Bible. I’ve made four types of bread already, good stuff too. Pepperoni bread, olive/caper bread are favorites. Basically I’m putting yeast to even more uses. Plus I’m learning more about wheat and stuff that I can apply to brewing.

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