What did I make

Tryed to make an Irish red with 88% 2 Row 9% c/c 60L and 3% roasted malt but the color is not as red as I wanted more brown. The recipe predicted an SRM of 16.9 but it seems more brown than red. It’s good beer but the color is wrong. Maybe I’ll bottle it and no one will be the wiser. What’s a good SRM to shoot for. And how would I get there?

What yeast?

Actually I split it 04 in one 34/70 in the other. Wanted an Irish red and a red lager.

I usually shoot for an SRM of 15-17 for I.R. Roasted barley at about your percentage usually gives a red color. Roasted malt(chocolate malt?) goes more toward brown. So, if you just mistyped and actually used roasted barley, then I’d blame the C60, and maybe try a lighter crystal. I like Carared which is more like C20.

Yes roasted barley.

I use a dose of Special B in my Irish Red, adds flavor and a distinctive deep red.

Your beer will look darker in bulk compared to in a glass.

Do you use special B and roasted barley? Depending on which chart I use 17 SRM is to brown. I want a redder color. Maybe 12 or 14

Here’s my Irish Red recipe. Might seem crazy and complicated, but I was happy with the result. I’m quoting from the partial mash recipe, I did try converting it to all grain recently, but if you want that, I’ll have to post it later.

3.5# 6-row
3# Maris Otter
1# Caramel 60
0.25# Caramel 80
0.25# Caramel 90
0.5# Special B
0.5# Flaked Corn
0.5# Flaked Wheat

Mash for medium body.

1# DME Amber @ 10
1# Dextrose @ 10

0.5 oz Warrior @ 60
0.5 oz Fuggles @ 10

Fermented with WLP-004 Irish Ale

OG: 1.059
FG: 1.015
SRM: 16.90