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What did I do wrong?

I recently brewed and bottled NB’s Nut Brown Ale Extract Kit and have run into some problems. After 2 weeks in the bottles I opened one it made a gentle pop sound when opened but was not carbonated. Week 3 I opened another and again it made a very loud pop when I opened it but again no carbonation in the beer. I have never seen a beer pop when being opened and not be carbonated so I am wondering do I just need to wait longer or is there something that causes this?

How much priming sugar did you use? What kind? Did fermentation go well otherwise?

I used 5oz of corn sugar. Fermentation went well, I did a yeast starter and active fermentation began within a few hours and I racked to a secondary fermenter after one week; bottled a week after that. Also the fermentation temperature was 66-68 and the yeast used was wyeast 1945.

Weird…and you mixed the priming sugar well? Try opening a bottle from the “other end” of the bottling sequence.

Gently rock the bottles back and forth and place them in an environment that is in the upper 60s or low 70s for a week.

Huh… Yeah, reiterate the advice of others. Definitely odd. How’d the flat beer taste?

I defendant give that a try and wait a few more weeks.Other then flat the taste was good, no off flavors, it did was not very different then before I bottled it.

Did you notice any yeast floccing at the bottom of the bottle?

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