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What causes this?

I kegged this altbier and its been on gas for about five days at about 22 psi. Its on a single body taprite regulator through a two way distributor. I also have a saison on the other output.

I can pour the saison just fine once i drop the psi…but all i get out the altbier is complete foam even after purging and serving at 5 psi…ive tried swapping lines…to no avail…any ideas?

Probably a stupid thought by gas\beer lines swapped?

Negative ghost rider.

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Yeah, figured… LOL Somebody had to be “that” guy.

Damaged regulator/gauge?Loose fittings? Gunk in line forming a nidus for foaming?
I’m sure your line length is the same as the other.(and you said you swapped them out)

Swapped both gas and liquid lines of the same length. Something in dip tube perhaps?

Long shot: check your liquid out fitting and the gasket that is between the fitting and the thing that screws into the top of the fitting. I had one where the gasket was squished and must have been sucking air. It caused all kinds of foaming until I figured it out.

I did swap fittings when i swapped lines…known good one still foamy.

I have had this problem before before with a Trappist-style Single. It turned out that the curved liquid dip tube was rotated inside the keg so that there was only a tiny gap between the bottom of the dip tube and bottom of the keg. This restricted the flow and caused the foaming. The end of the dip tube is obviously supposed to sit in the center of the keg and must have gotten off-centered as I tightened the post. When I would go to pull a pint it would make that sound that happens when a keg is about to kick and all I would get was foam.

Note that this happened with the one keg I own that is not made in Italy or US. It is an AMCYL keg made in India and has caused me a lot of problems. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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This too is AMCYL from india…i shall tinker tonight…thanks!

Turns out mangled dip tube o ring…replaced…voila…no more foam :grinning:


Who knew beer was so mechanical? :wrench:

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Said nobody that bottles. Ever.

Ok, that’s the only advantage of bottling. Us bottlers have to take every chance we get. :laughing:

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