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What can I expect? Other than beer

Soooooo, I made a few batches about 4 weeks ago. I made our host’s Big Honkin’ Stout, and our host’s Bourbon Barrel Porter. I used Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale for the stout and Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale for the Porter. Now I’ve done two brews since brewing these. I transferred the stout to secondary, and transfer the porter to secondary with bourbon soaked oak chips per instructions. In the meantime, I ordered a extract kit of our Host’s Caribou Slobber. I wanted to brew this at the same time I transferred, because the Stout and Slobber use the same yeast. I didn’t want to wash the yeast, just wanted to cool and transfer onto the cake to see what happened. I feel the best way to learn is by doing. Well, in doing this, I used the 1728 cake on accident. I learned that after my initial planning, I am brewing a batch of beer with the wrong yeast. I don’t mean wrong, because I’ll certainly make beer. It will probably even be good. Any input?

Using the 1728 will make for a fine beer; i’ve used 1728 for several different styles in the past (including brown ales, IPAs, etc.), and each turned out well.

One thing: if you transferred onto the entire yeast cake, keep a close eye on your fermentation temps so the temp doesn’t climb too high, too fast. I’d even suggest fermenting a little cooler than normal (say, at or below 60°F if possible), given how much yeast you’re using.

For future batches, you might want to consider using only a portion of the yeast cake (say ~1/3 of the cake) to pitch onto, and saving the rest for other batches.

Just my 2 cents.


Thanks man. Fermentation was rollin’ like a freight train when I woke up, @ nearly 70*. Moved to the basement. At first I was pretty disappointed, but i’m sure it’ll be good beer.

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