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What burner should I use?

I am building a brew sculpture and I will have to choose burners soon. Which one should I go with? I was looking at the banjo burner but i have seen others use another type of burner. So which one?

Will you be using propane or NG?


Take a look at this one:

It’s 70K btu and only $12.95.

Is there any reason to use this which is 6 inch versus a 10 inch burner?

I use this one on my 25 gallon Mega Pot from NB and it is so quiet you can hear the bubbles pop as you boil… makes a very nice brewing session.


[quote=“Glug Master”]Take a look at this one:

It’s 70K btu and only $12.95.[/quote]

I have two of those on my system - one for the HLT and another for the BK. They work great. They don’t put out as many BTU/HR as the banjo burners, so heating takes a little longer. I have no trouble getting a 10-gallon batch to a rolling boil - even in 20-degree weather.

Thanks for the input man, I appreciate it. I will definitely take this into consideration because that is an awesome price point.

Have you ever considered using an electric heat element? I moved away from LP gas two years ago and converted a 1/2 barrel keg into an electric kettle. The 2400 watt element I use is connected to a rheostat to controll the boil. It’s very efficient, bringing 11.5 gallons of wort to a boil in just over 20 minutes without scorching the wort. It takes a little electric work to set it up, but in the long run it’s worth the price and effort (at least to me). It made for a nice homebrew project as well. Maybe the best part of moving to electric is being able to brew indoors.

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