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What are you brewing?

What are you currently brewing?

I have a 5 gallon batch of Chocolate Milk Stout in the primary. Bubbling strong around 69-70 degrees. Pitched yeast about 24 hours ago.

First hop addition 1oz Cluster

Currently, Bock in cold secondary, APA in primary. Trying to decide on either a coffee stout or Tripel this weekend…

5 gallons of robust porter in primary

10 gallons of APA bottle conditioning (2 batches with minor tweaks- trying to perfect this)

A couple of gallons of a barely drinkable rye P.A. sitting in bottles. I keep hoping it will mellow as it ages, and its getting there slowly, but I really need to talk myself into having a pint of it.

With the long weekend coming up, I’m itching to brew something, but I’m not sure what…

Brewed a Scottish ale on fri (5gl). On Saturday I brewed a Imperial Stout. Bottled an IPA, and MOST importantly enjoyed a saison while doing this.


Coming up this Holiday weekend is a winter warmer. I had some equipment problems and didn’t brew the last couple weekends. That worked out okay as I cleaned out my fermenters. Bottled Vienna Lager two weeds ago and last weekend I bottled a Kriek that had been in the works for 13 months. Smelled delicious.

Happy Holidays everyone.

see autosig. Both in primary with conan ale yeast having themselves a festive little orgy/feast.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be having much beer on Thanksgiving, as my father-in-law is a huge wine guy. Sure can’t turn my nose up at some Caymus, Gewurtztraminer or vintage Bordeaux though :mrgreen:

Happy Thanksgiving to the best homebrewing forum on the web!

IPA in the keg, I know it is almost gone. Just waiting for the dreaded foam.
Honey Porter in the keg.
On Friday I plan to brew a Maple Syrup Dark Ale and a kit called Brushfire Smoked Brown Ale. If I get real adventurous I will also do a Bourbon Ale. With the Bourbon ale it will sit on the soaked oak chips for about 6 months. I figure that will put me at a spot where I can sample it, make adjustments and brew it again just in time for next winter.

Got a lambic about to to to a secondary for many months before I bottle.

I’ll be brewing a partial mash clone of Left Hand Milk Stout sometime over the long weekend. Not sure if it’ll be Thursday, Friday or Saturday, but I’ll get it hammered out one of those days. Plan on making the starter tonight so it’s ready to go whenever I do get the chance to brew.

Brewed a Weizenbock on Sunday and had to switch to blow off tube last night cause the karusen was just about to enter the airlock. That WLP300 is quite an active yeast!

I’ve got three primary fermentors working overtime! I’ve got a 5 gallon batch of BierMuncher’s OktoberFast Ale starting week three, a 3 gallon batch of Chocolate Milk Stout starting week two and a 3 gallon batch of Cream Ale that I brewed last night. All should be bottled, conditioned and ready to drink by Christmas. Is it Christmas yet???

I’m starting an Oktoberfest Ale this weekend too with harvested Kolsch yeast. Primary is a 3-gallon IIPA with Conan yeast and 5 gallons of dry irish stout. In secondary I have 3 gallons of Kolsch chilling at lagering temperatures and 5 gallons of Lambic that I really should do something with over the holiday. I’ll probably rack half of it onto cherries and the other half onto raspberries, but first I need to make a new base beer to rack onto the sour yeast cake. So much to do, so little time!

Starting my lager series for this year- Friday will be a Vienna. Follow it in a couple weeks with a Marzen, and finish sometime around Christmas with a Bock. Reusing WY Bohemian lager yeast on all 3.

I’m jealous just about everyone has multiple batches going on. I need to step it up.

Need to bottle a Belg. Golden Strong after turkey day, and next mon. [ I know it sounds weird this time of year] a Bav. Weizen. Just bottled a Kolsch.

I’m in the same boat, Old Guy. I’ve got to bottle 5 gal of kriek after thanksgiving, and also 5 gal of cider. Just now tasting my first biab that was bottled 3 weeks ago, NB’s St Paul porter. Absolutely the best beer I’ve ever made (after about 40 extract batches). Business is unusually brisk for me right now (I’m a builder), so hoping to brew again during the Christmas holidays.



I have Munich Dunkel, Pale Ale, Best Bitter and American Amber in fermenters, a Czech Pils and Ofest lagering. Not quite sure what’s up next but I’ll probably do another lager, maybe a Vienna soon.

Tonight after work, I brewed 22 gallons of Denny’s Rye IPA. Just finished cleaning up and I am tired. Going to bed.

Robust porter bubbling away on day three with wlp007

Me too, I’ve currently got NOTHING in process. Hope that will change this weekend with a Berliner Weiss, then on to the first lager of the year soon thereafter.

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