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What are You Brewing Next?

Yeah i know this probably pops up every week or two, but… What’s on your agenda for your next beer?

I’m thinking doing an IPA next, maybe Denny’s Wry Smile or Jamil’s Evil Twin.

if i don’t poop out before i get everything together i am going to make 10 gal of dennys waldo lake amber today. but a nap may just win out.

Brewed a british ale, maibock and pilsner this past week and going to finish up x-mas break with a tweaked version of dead ringer and an alt tomorrow.

Damn man! Thats some brewing there. I have this week off as well but only have the equipment to brew a single batch. Local home brew store is virtually empty so couldn’t even pick any equipment up to do a second batch.

I’m in a German lager mode right now, and my next efforts are likely to be a Dormund Export and either a Swartzbier or a Dunkel.

I’m going for our first lager next up. Found a recipe in the last copy of Brew Your Own that I thought sounded good so I’m gonna go for it and see how it turns out.

I have 4 lb of cherrywood smoked malt left over, so maybe some sort of rauchbier. Monday is supposed to be crazy warm (40s).

I need to decide if it’s worth the risk of turning on the outside faucet to use the chiller though…

Oud Bruin and Bier de Garde. Pumped about the Oud Bruin, though it’s going to be a long time til I get to enjoy it.

three days ago, I brewed my third “personal” recipe; wild rivers honey season o.g. 1.047, using 3726 fermenting at 90F…farmhouse saison for an event next summer using the in-laws harvested honey.

really had to share that one, but 6 months is a long time to wait for a beer that I am really excited to taste.

before work looms it ugly head again, I am brewing a bitter rye, using 1768.

tonight we taste my first P.M. recipe, based loosely on the “cynic” kit from our host.

For me, it’s gonna be a Wee Shroomy…a wee heavy with chanterelle mushrooms in the secondary. I’ll be serving it at NHC this summer.

I have a half gallon starter with Wyeast Trappist Blend ready to go. I am looking through my recipes to decide what to brew for my first batch of 2012. Any suggestions are welcome. Quad maybe?

When I get home, ill be brewing a Bohemian Pils for spring, then probably Stone B-wine so I can age for a while…after that…lots of summer time IPA experimenting.

Just drinking this weekend, but next weekend I am going to kick of 2012 with 10 gal of Dennys Rye IPA and maybe 10 gal of imperial porter.

Extra pale ale in the brew pot at I write this :slight_smile:

Its a Denny Conn month for me. I did 24 gallons of BVIP, then yesterday I did 22 gallons of Waldo Lake Amber and next on the list is 22 gallons of Rye IPA. All three are stellar Denny recipes.

Classic American Pilsner for me tomorrow. I may do an IPA too, it’s been awhile since I’ve done back to back batches.

My first brew yesterday was Petite Saison…My second brew is in the pot now and is the NB honey brown ale.

Thanks for everyone’s help. Blake

Made Waldo Lake Amber batch #3 a few days ago, next is the “Fixed Gear Red” probably not til next weekend though.

No more brewing for me until March 2012 (taking the winter off).

But, when i re-open the brewery, I will be brewing a farmhouse ale/saison, 2 IPAs (1 American and 1 English), an American-style imperial stout, and and an English ESB.


I brewed a rye pale ale on tuesday, and tomorrow I’m brewing a Gumballhead clone. Within the next week I would like to do a saison, and then all my fermentors will be in use so I’ll be done for a little while and hopefully skiing on the weekends if we ever get any snow up here in the northeast this winter!

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