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What are the odds?

So next weekend (Feb 24th-26th) I’m attempting to complete an epic weekend of brewing. Four 5 gallon batches. 1 Friday night, 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday. My goal is to get as much beer in the pipeline as possible before my wife gives birth to our first child. She’s due March 1st. So, what are the odds that she goes into labor during my ‘Epic Weekend of Brewing’? Will Murphy’s law come in to play?

On the docket for the weekend.

  • Barley Wine, which will be bottled and aged in smaller champagne bottles for a year and consumed each year on my child’s birthday (roughly).

  • Orange Cascade Pale Ale x2. 1 batch for me. 1 batch for a friend’s wedding.

  • Hoppenweizen - Finally getting around to making a hoppy wheat. Been toying with this since last spring.

  • And if time is permitting on Sunday (and my burner doesn’t quit on me) I’ll brew a 5th 5 gallon batch. Either a Dusseldorf Altbier or an experimental idea of mine called a Neapolitan Stout. It will be a Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry milk stout.

First baby makes me think she will be late and you will have time. I like your idea about the BW and birthday tastings as long as there is enought left for 21 years.

Congrats on your first child! It is definitely one of the best experiences I can remember in my life.

My daughter(1st child) came a month early :shock: boy were we not ready for that. Hopefully yours will be able to hold off until the due date…or at least until you finish all your brewing next weekend. Congrats and good luck, the bw sounds like a cool idea.

Wow, can you imagine giving the 21st BW to your son/daughter? That would be ‘beer-epic.’ Good luck dobe.

I will truly try, but am quite sure they won’t last that long. This is my first attempt at a long aging process. I’m lagered beers for 10weeks, but never something on a scale of years.

Patience will prevail eventually. After all, you’ll have a kid in the house :shock:

Congratulations! Make sure you are well stocked up on propane.

This is a great idea. When my first was born I was not prepared and did not brew any beer for roughly a year. Stock up, you will need good brews on hand. But then they grow up and end up helping out on brew day. Priceless! Congrats on your first.
P.S. Sleep now.

My first (son) was on time, but my daughters were 4 and 5 weeks early. Just don’t forget to turn your burner off if she’s early. That’s my b’day, hopefully I’ll be sharing it. :cheers:

Congrats on the baby! I have a 6 month old daughter who was born on her due date. I love the barley wine idea. I made a honey ale and called it “she’s my honey bee ale”.

Well, epic brew day is off. In the hospital right now. The wife’s blood pressure was up and since she’s 38weeks and gestational diabetic they decided to induce labor. Oh well. Wish us luck!

Good luck Mr & Mrs Dobe12,
Hoping everything goes well for you.
Those baby washcloths work great on stainless too. :cheers:

Good luck!

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