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What A Great Intro Into Homebrewing!

1 gallon all grain batches on your stovetop, all laid out for you. Talk about a great intro to brewing. Blows or those clumbsy stale coopers kits away.

And its great for inner city apt dwellers too!

That is pure marketing genius right there.

One would think that NB could put together similar pkgs and offer scale downs of many of their ingredient kits that way…hmmm.

Sorry if this has already been posted somewhere.

Spread the love! Mr. Beer brought me in, and now I’m about to go all grain. Whoever opened the door, welcome to brewing!
Can’t imagine how precious that 1 gallon must be!

Point. One gallon is about 10 beers. Very precious indeed. And back when, I bought the coopers kits to start out. Got the stock beer making supply kit that was available at the time with the rickety capper and no siphon and a cheap bottling wand that was junk. Any way in is a good way if you stay with it.

I am just thinking that to start brewing all grain in small batches from the beginning, and learning as you go, the “barrier” to all grain is gone, and the apprentice brewer is one step ahead of the game.

Yep, marketing genius! Not needing an up front $200 investment in buckets and carboys. A really not threatening (conceptually or financially) way to start.

After looking at their website, I think I may have made my last starter. I’ve been using a 1 G glass jug to make starters. Now I think I’ll make 1 gallon batches of “experimental” beer instead.

Has anyone bought their book? They have some creative (or off the wall) ingredients. Just curious if the recipes made decent beers.

I am not trying to be a hater on this thread but i was looking at their pricing and those one gallon mixes are priced quite high :frowning: They are in the same pricing as some of the cheaper recipes here in NB, and by the looks of it, it is also AG brewing so wouldn’t you be better off investing in a mashtun a larger kettle or better yet BIAB.

Kind of pricey for only one gallon at $40 but not a bad intro to homebrewing just to see if you would like it. Mr. Beer got me started. It was pretty bad but got the wheels turning. Up to a twenty gallon brewery now from the little Mr. Beer. Go figure.

That 40 bucks covers equipment cost AND your first ingredient kit (sans 2 gallon pot, strainer, thermometer, and bottling supplies). They have quite a few ingredient kits available to brew more at about $15 which is still high for a gallon of AG (but from there, one could order ingredients scaled down from NB or others at a fraction). Its a great intro and starts a novice directly into AG brewing. I do not believe that many would stay long with that system, but the space challenged in the inner city might, or they may go 3 gallon BIAB from there (the technique would not be very different to them). Thing is, they will have a bit of AG experience and will have figured out their mistakes after a few batches of their brew. The biggest advantages I see with starting that way are that tossing a one gallon batch after a few weeks is alot easier than dumping 5 on the psyche if something goes terribly wrong. And the irrational fear of AG brewing and very understandable fear of taking the leap (lets face it, mash tuns, racks, bigger kettles, banjo burners, plate chillers, etc are a big commitment of scale, cost, and space in the 10 gallon batch size that we all end up going to.) are bypassed. New brewers would easily advance from the 1 gallon system to 3 gallon batches of BIAB without undo learning curves or financial or spacial impact. If you live in the country this may not sound like a big deal, but if you live on the 12th floor of an apartment building in New York it is. It also works if you have a less than enthusiastic spouse.

I think I am gonna buy this system for my new Son In Law this year. I’ll pick up the extra stuff he will need too. He (and my daughter) loves craft beers, likes to try different styles and loves my home brew. They live in a small third floor apt in Boston (paying brutal rent, Boston real estate prices are unworldly) so this system will let them brew those small batches with minimal space requirements.

$40.00! My LHBS Crries four different 1 gallon all grain kits priced out at around $7.00 a kit. seems expensive when I can brew 10 gallons at that price. Just sayin.

I’m with Barney Grumble. When you consider what you would be risking to buy all the equipment needed for a five gallon batch, or the quality of “Mr. Beer” it really isn’t too bad a deal. If you don’t enjoy it you’re only out $40.00. I say “go for it.”. :cheers:

I do remember the initial equipment investment was a bit intimidating. I have a wife who is very encouraging of new hobbies, but the few hundred dollar equipment buy in did mean we did discuss getting in to brewing before I purchased so I can see it stopping individuals with family or financial restraints.

In fact, I thought about brewing for about 15 years before finally jumping in.

I can see a simple $40 kit making it easier for a person to pull the trigger.

any way you start will more then likely get you hooked if delisious fresh beer is appealing. i started with the NB delux starter ket in 07. 45 batches of beer, 15 batches of wine for the wife, 5 corboys, bottles, buckets,chiller,other assorted brewing equiptment all taking over the spare bedroom. NO LOOKING BACK im in for the long haul. the best hobby youll ever have. nothing more rewarding then getting banged up on your own stock.

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