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What A Difference Time Makes on Taste

I’ve read several articles on how letting your beer age improves the tastes, but as I’m sure most of us new to home brewing can’t wait to drink our beer as soon as possible. In March I brewed an extract beer of my own recipe and found it to taste terrible. I can’t find any other words to describe it. It was just bad, but not bad enough to throw it out. I shared some with my drinking buddies and finally put the remaining 24 bottles in the closet to “age”.

Now some 7 months later, I pulled a few out of the closet and put them in the frig. I popped one of them today and was pleased to find how much it had improved. It’s actually good. I’ll have to work on my patience in the future and let my beers age a little longer before I have the urge to drink them. Another lesson learned.


What type of beer is it?

It was an amber ale. I checked my log book and actually brewed this back in Oct 2019. So it’s a year old now. It had an astringent bitter taste, but seems to have mellowed over time.


I opened a liter swingtop today of something I bottled in March and all the flavors have mellow to make a super creamy ale with every component in balance.
Not everything ages well but I agree that patience pays off in homebrew

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I agree with patience. Age helps.

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