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What a day!

It usually takes me 6-7 hours to brew a beer(AG). Today I brewed three beers in 12 hours(#7,8,&9) and kegged a beer to secondary. I’m not bragging, just had to say I surprised myself today. I’ll be brewing this way from here on in. These will the last brews I do until mid-July. The only thing I didn’t plan right was putting a piece of meat on the smoker, but going to put together a couple of brines for a pastrami and a bacon tonight.

Happy brewing!

Nothing better than a smooth brew day! Congrats!

Well done - you just learned one of the big secrets - once you got it all out, brewing 2 or 3 beers is not much harder than doing one. I rarely brew one beer anymore. The smoker goes well with brewing as well - A pork butt or brisket is about perfect for a big brew day!

Thanks guys, I managed to get a brine done for the pork belly to make Bacon and have it soaking
for the next two weeks. Lucky I did all three, when I got to work this morning I’m working the next 15 days. When I checked on my three baby girls this morning two barely had a heartbeat and no pulse on the other.
When I got home tonight the two were doing much better and the other had a heartbeat. It’ll be a sleepless
night but I think they’re gonna pull through!!! I think gonna make it to maturity in a few weeks.

Happy brewing!

DAMN! I had to read your post about 5 times to realize you were talking about your fermenting beers and not your actual kids! I kept thinking . . . . how in the hell is this guy talking about making bacon, brewing, working and oh by the way . . . .

Mmm, pastrami.

Congrats on the big brew day. When I do two beers in one day it wears me out.

Sorry about that. When I reread what I posted I THOUGHT MY CHILDREN WERE DYING, and I
don’t have any. Couldn’t make a brine for the pastrami as I didn’t have the spices. Need to find
time to get the spices for it but at least I’ve got the pork belly turning into Bacon.

Happy brewing!

Whoa, I had to read your second post several times too to figure things out. I’m hoping to get into multiple AG’s in one day too, but so far I’m still working out the kinks in my system.

[Favicon][/Favicon]I know, I had to read it a few times. When I realized what you said, it gave me a good laugh. And, a little relief. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad ya’ll enjoyed it, but I guess I did the ASSume thing. When it comes to doing multiple batches
I didn’t know diddlysquat (and still don’t) like alot of others DO know how to. I got lucky a friend had a 10gal. pot
and I have a Turkey fryer set up plus a 3½-4gal pot and a stove in the house. That was enough to get things
going. When water was heating for mash tun and the wort for boiling I was cleaning/sanitizing my buckets
and other things during that time, each time. Hope to cut out at least an hour off my time next time. Lost
too much time cooling the second brew down which got in the way of the third brew. Gonna need a coil
to get it done. Making a plan may help. ½ an hour after I woke up I decided to start brewing. During the first brew
I thought that I could do two and then thought I can do three as time went on. I probably working on the
minimum you need to wing it, but it can be done. Good luck.

Happy brewing! :cheers:

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