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Wet grain storage container

Hey everyone. So I recently bought 3 storage containers like this for my 50lb bags of malt:

Upon receiving them, I rinsed them out and sat them upside down on a drying rack. After a few days of drying, I turned them right-side up and dumped the malt into the first container. Moving onto the second container, I realized that some water from the initial rinse had collected in a small lip around the opening of the container, only to run down the side and pool in the bottom. After realizing this - I took a paper towel to the remaining 2 containers and made sure they were dry. I realize that this could be a RDWHAHB moment but I just wanted everyone’s opinions… Could that small amount of water, probably less than 2 oz - cause any issues in the first container?


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IF it was mine… I’d brew… Wet grain WILL grow crap you don’t want deal with if left too its own ways… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: What are going to do?


Hey where you been? How much grain. You could pour out the dry stuff then roast the wet stuff for some crystal malt


They are real nice containers. I got 2 of them. Nice investment

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I have a few of those and love them.

Damp malt could mold very easily. I’d get it out of there and spread it out on a tarp or something to make sure it’s dry, maybe blow a fan over it for a while and rake it back and forth. Air out the vault good before returning the malt to it.

If any is really wet you could roast it as @brew_cat suggested.

I’d also plan a bunch of brew days and try to get through that malt ASAP.


Thank you for the replies everyone! I’ll dump the grain out and look it over. This was 20 lbs of malt so luckily it wasn’t a 50 lb sack. Hopefully someone will see my mistake and not make the same one!

@brew_cat Just been super busy with my family and career! My kids are growing up so fast. I spend most of my free time with them and my wife but sometimes I to sneak a brew day in :wink:

I’ve been doing 2.5 gallon BIAB batches out of my 4 gallon pot for the past year. Recently upgraded to the Robobrew 17 gallon system when it was on sale. Been waiting patiently to start brewing bigger batches.

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