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West coasters

I hope you all out there are safe… I have a sister in Dundee Or. and the pictures don’t look good… We will be hoping a reply will have you out of harms way…

This is a picture of our year round campground in lyons, OR

Not our exact trailer, but I’m sure ours looks similar.

Wow, that sucks! Hope nobody got hurt. Stay safe!

Yeah, I also actually looked up where the fires were last night…I think @denny is ok near Eugene.
Yeesh, now a yearly event out there.

I wonder why? Ice caps melting… You’d think rain would be more frequent…

Are you guys getting a lot of smoke in Portland? It blew in Monday night and now it’s just hanging around.
Denny’s west of Eugene, I don’t think the fires have made it there.
A lot of destruction east of Salem and Eugene though. Also in Clackamas County.

It’s rare for the Willamette Valley. High winds on Monday blew down power lines.

Tons of smoke here and house fires now as well

A topic almost as controversial as politics, but yeah, things are changing rapidly. There have always been cycles, with a “mini” ice age from 1300 to 1850 AD not that long ago…but the rapidity of change and the amplification of events such as fires in just 30 years has been startling…yes I’m on team global warming(and unfortunately my beloved North American avifauna is suffering mightily)…
Others, well, just don’t share my views. Shrugs. Well whatever never mind.

The climate is of utmost importance… Not that what is happening now can change… I keep hoping we can see the impact and try to lessen our effects… some how…
So, hop fields must be in peril out there!! That should scare the bejeevers out of home brewers! Pray for some rain…

That’s rough. We have no reason to whine in Salem. Lots of smoke but no fires.
Some friends in Mollala have been evacuated, and others in Mill City lost their home.
Stay safe and don’t hesitate leaving if you have to.

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Of course. All packed up

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Life matters, Materials can be replaced. Thought are with the west coast.

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it was pretty tense for us Tues. and Wed. We were packed and ready to run for it. But the high winds that were driving the fire died down and other than excessive smoke (off the scale, worst air quality in the world right now) we’re in the clear.


Glad you guys are safe. Friend of mine up the McKenzie river were evacuated Mon. but it looks like the fire went around their neighborhood. So far three families at work have lost their homes.

Information Age isn’t helping either. I read that the energy required to download 1 megabyte of data is equal the energy in 1 charcoal briquette. My family consumes at least 3 bags of charcoal briquettes of data per day.

Sorry to hear that @mrv Alot of great spots here in Oregon will never be the same in our lifetime. My family is starting to talk about relocating in the next year or so before we buy a house. It’s difficult to think about leaving the west coast after being here for so long

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There are some habitats that will never recover on the west coast as the water tables that help them become established in the beginning are gone.
We need some active erosion control so the west coast doesn’t suffer a dust-bowl like event

Indeed its just material. It can be rebuild. But still. Its sad to see. So much damage. But on the other hand. People start to move more and more. Into forrest area to build their. Houses. Means. Forrest. Will get less and less. Animals will. Disapear. But as well in this case. More chance. For. Forrest fires. Climate change. Mayby i dont know. For example. In europe. You can live. Close to nature. But you need. To keep clearence. At least. 30 feet away from. Trees. So you sort of build a barrier. Incase a fire. And you got to use. Different building products. Who a less prone to catch fire.

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Looks like we might get a few days of rain here. The smoke has cleared in the valley.

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