Wert Siphon into blow off container

I’m in the process of making an 1 Gallon IPA. on my second day of fermenting I noticed that all of my Beer siphon itself into the Blow Off container. In that container I only had about 2 cups of spring water inside of it. What do I do next? Is my bath ruined? Can I poor my beer back into the 1 gallon fermenter and install an airlock?



Might as well try pouring it back into the fermentor, nothing to lose except time. Active fermentation that continues may prevent oxidation. There is a chance an infection will develop. Leave it in the primary for three weeks. Don’t take a hydrometer reading until then. No sense in spreading an infection, if it happens, to your sampling equipment. Just watch for pellicle formation.
Why did your beer siphon out
Blow off tube installed with the end into the wort?
Diameter of the blow off tube to small? Large diameter blow off tubes are less likely to form suction.
Blow off tube to short? A long tube is less likely to hold suction than a short one.
Fermentation temperature was to warm, and the beer just blew out?

A two gallon bucket would be a safer option for one gallon batches. Small buckets can be found at super markets or delis. Frosting containers have the best seals. I’ve picked up several just for general use. Cost $0.50 apiece.