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Well water good enough to brew with?

I know very little about what qualifies as good brewing water other than bottled spring water. However, I am getting tired of buying 6 gallons each time I want to brew. These are the stats we got when the water was tested when we bought our house:

E coli/coliform absent
Chloride 13
Copper .093
Iron 1.6
Hardness 33
Manganese .0444
Sodium 13
Nitrite Nitrogen <.2
Nitrate Nitrogen <2.0
Lead <.01

This all means nothing to me, but howabout any of you? I know the iron is high, but the house had sat empty for a couple of years. Hoping it has dropped with frequent use. Should get it tested again anyways. Anywho, any thoughts if I can use my water as is for safe and tasty brewing? Thanks!

That’s not too bad, but there’s not nearly enough info there to know for sure. I’m on a well, too, and I get my water analyzed at Get test W-6 for $16.50.

Call the local water conditioning companies and have them test the water. Get only the one who will test for ferric and ferrous iron in your water. The test packets to test for these cost about the same so don’t buy the “it costs more”, tell them to buy from Hach if they insist, 10 cents per test would be the most. You don’t want to deal with a company that is like that anyway. Once you get your iron tested then we can help you on the next step feel free to PM with more questions, I have been cleaning water for 12 years.

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