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Welded Megapot ballvalves Question

Okay so the title says it all. I recently bought a Tig welder, and yes I know how to weld with it, but it’s been 17 years. Which I plan on practicing with it before I do anything on any kind of material. I just need to get back into the hang of it. That being said, this may be a dumb question, but who has their ball valve welded on their Megapot? And did the welder weld the inside? I tried to Google this but could’nt come up with a good answer for myself. So what is your welded setup like? Yes I can do Stainless welding, I used to weld for Duke Mfg which is a fab plant for the restaurant industry.

Here’s what you will want to weld onto your BK. I’m a big believer that welding is better than weldless ... pter.html#

This will allow you to attach a ball valve on outside and something on inside if you desire.

Tack weld it on outside then weld it on inside. That’s how mine was completed.

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