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Welcome new brewers

Anyone get some equipment for Christmas and plan to try this hobby or upgrade their system?


My wife bought me a slightly larger pot for extract batches while down south. 20 qt. SS. An improvement over the too small one I had been using. It was for my birthday today not Christmas though.

Funny how we get each other more practical, for the house type stuff for Christmas. Most anything within reason we would want we just buy for ourselves.

Oh and yes, welcome new brewers that just got brew stuff gifts. You have no idea what you are in for next. Enjoy!

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I sense lots of Caribou Slobber extract kits being brewed all over America! Great stuff.

We do the same. Get what we need when we need it. No unneeded stuff to store away.

This morning I ordered several high temperature spatulas that were on sale at Thermoworks. A new roasting pan from Calphalon. Couldn’t pass up the 40% + 20% off on the pan. The non stick wore off the bottom of the current one and smelled like soap after an over night soak. Bare steel does absorb odors.

She does concur that I need ingredients for at least 10 gallons of Speckled Heifer.

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Once the Teflon starts to wear off you should replace it. You don’t want that stuff in your food.


Got the Timestack from Thermoworks for hop additions and so forth. The thing is freaking huge! No need for the reading glasses. It’s also loud, so we’ll be able to crank the tunes and still hear it.

When the Teflon started flaking I took the remaining off with a stainless steel scrubby. I then used a foil pan in the bottom of the roaster. The foil provided some insulation though. Vegetables under the turkey/ham/butt/loin didn’t roast as fully. With the pan holding the aroma of soap and the discounts Calphalon is having now decided it was time for a new one. The old will be kept in reserve. New pan was only $40 with tax. Shipping free.

Calphalon is some nice equipment… Rivetted handles are way better than the ones screwed in… Sneezles61

I looks like they have a nice stainless line. @flars just throw the old pot out. Teflon flakes are really bad to injest. We replaced all our Teflon cookware with stainless and cast iron

The old will only be used with the foil pan under the rack to collect drippings for the more simple roasting jobs. Hard to throw it out because they don’t make roasting pans anymore where the rack is fully suspended off the bottom.

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Me got a growler one of the 1 gal co2 ones.

I also got a 1 gallon growler with Co2. Ukeg

Got a barley crusher and 55# sack of pale 2 row. Then went out on my own and bought a sack of maris otter.

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