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Weizen and kegging advice

Any one else a kegger and hefe weizen lover? I made a great honey Hef and its only been on draft for 2 weeks and its starting to lose that beautiful cloudiness. Does anyone have any tricks for maintaining it better? I realize its basically “cold crashed” with a constant vaccuming of the bottom of the keg every time I pour one, but there must be ways to at least keep it a little cloudier. I don’t want to bottle 'cause this stuff goes fast in my house and I think I’ll be brewing it again in a few weeks. Ideas?

I have not tried it, some time back I read about tossing a Tbls of flour in the boil pot. Permanent haze.

+1 I’ve done this a few times, and it works like a charm. I would suggest stirring the flour in some warm water first, separate from the boil, before putting it into the kettle. That way, the flour doesn’t clump up…

But seriously folks, you think the flour thing would work in the keg or too late for this batch?

Some flaked wheat in the mash works too. No flaked wheat and my wheats clear up in the keg after about 2 weeks. Add a few lbs of flaked wheat and it’ll stay cloudy. I usually add about 2lbs, but have used up to 50% in a Witbier that came out fantastic.

Sorry - I misread the OP… I think you’re too late to help this batch as (although you could try it) I think your chances of ruining the batch are rather high.

I would not try to “fix” this beer either.

I agree with mixing the flour with some cold water to dissolve it. Then add to the boil pot.

Not ideal by any means - but you could give it a good shake to stir up and get the sediment floating in the keg - that would keep it from all getting sucked out in the first glass or two. This would be especially useful if you were having a party or something and you knew that half or more of your keg was going to get drank - just roll it around and your beer will all be nice and cloudy for the evening.

I love wheat beers and have them on tap constantly, in fact have a witbier on tap right now.

During the brewing process you can add 2T dissolved in COLD water to the last 15 minutes of the boil, which helps, but the beer will still drop clear over time sitting in a cold beer fridge.

For me, when it does start to clear up, I take it out of the fridge and gently swirl it around for a few seconds and hook it back up again. Then wait 4-6 hours and the beautiful cloudiness it back. I’ve also noticed that the beer taste beer when it’s in its cloudy state.

I hope this helps.

At many german beer bars that serve hefes, the brewery delivery driver will store the kegs upside down and the bar/restaurant will turn it right side up just before tapping to further substain cloudiness.

Flaked wheat… done! No shaking, no adding flour, no fuss… just add a lb or two of flaked wheat to the recipe. Will help with head retention, add a cloudiness and really adds a nice wheat flavor that you can’t get from malted wheat. And there’s no need for a cereal mash. Just toss it right in the mash with the rest of your grains.

I used flaked wheat in my Hefe’s as well. Works like a charm to keep the cloud.

I just talked with the Mrs. about the same thing. I have a German style wheat about ready to keg and despite making no attempt to clear it like Whirlfloc I bet it will clear. If it was a Pilsner that I went all out to clear it would end up with a haze. Go figure.

The upside down keg sounds like an idea though. Maybe just unhook and turn it over for a night if it starts looking clear. I will keep the flour in mind for next time though.

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