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Weird Off Flavors After Sitting In The Fridge

I am having this problem with off flavors ONLY after my brew sits in the fridge to get cold. The longer it sits in the fridge, the more this taste is pronounced. Its not a pleasant taste.

I taste it after a couple of weeks in the fermentor, tastes great. After bottle conditioning, again…tastes great right from the bottle at room temp. If I stick them in the freezer for 30 mins they taste great and are very popluar, but if I let them get cold in the fridge, there is that bad taste.

Its all from the same batch, but is it possible that keeping them in the fridge is bringing these flavors out?

The taste is hard to describe…I can’t quite put my finger on it but its fairly strong.

This is only my second batch. I have brewed a cream ale, and this time a Bavarian Hefeweiss and its happened with both of them. I hope I am making sense.

For a better idea of what I am using and what I did for the Hefe:

Fermented in Plastic “bubbler” carboy in a spare bedroom closet, very dark room.
The Hefeweiss required a blowoff tube from vigorus fermentation
Fermended for 20 days ( I went out of town), the house did heat up a couple of times, but I controlled the temp with my smartphone, but it did hit 78 in the house a few times. I normally keep my hosue at 72 (settings were goofed up)
Tasted it as I bottled, and tasted good!
Bottled in brown bottles with O2 asborbing caps
Bottle conditioned for 2 weeks in that same room, temp was stable.

What was the highest wort temperature during fermentation?

What yeast are you using and please give your best shot at describing the taste. Without this, it is very difficult to tell what the off flavor is.

Ok I cracked one open and I would say. Cardboard is the right description although not every beer tastes this way.

Ferm temp never exceeded 72 on the first batch but the second I am not sure. I had a family emergencythat I left town for and controlled my air cond via smartphone but one day the house was at 78 but only for a few hours so I doubt that raised 5 gallons more that a degree or two but I ccan’t be certain.

A friend of mine described it as “stale” tasting.

Possible that the beer was splashed around when transferring to a secondary or bottling bucket?

When I hear cardboard and stale taste I think of Oxidation.

However, if you used old LME, that might be the taste your getting.
Liquid Malt Extract must be fresh to use. Other wise?
A stale, cardbordy thingy beer is what you’ll get.
Assuming that you used LME for your 2nd batch.

So either a lot of splashing or old extract.

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