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Weight Limit of Electric Burners

Does anyone know where to find some standard weight limits on electric range burners? I haven’t found any solid information and would like to find out how much my range can handle without damaging it.

Email the manufacture. I doubt there is a listing of that on the internet.

My guess is they only considered the average person to boil ~3 gallons of water for pasta. Maybe tomatoes for canning. Maybe double that weight for a safety factor.

I’ve used an 8 gal. pot on two burners for full boils. I don’t know if the weight or the high heat for 1hr+ is worse. Eventually the burners will give up.

I went through three before going to propane. You should be OK with a partial boil, I would consider other options for a full boil.

Haven’t had any problems with a full pressure canner, though.

I’ve had 5gal on an electric element burner multiple times, and I’ve put 5gal on my new glass top stove as well. I’m scared to go over that on the glass. I think you’ll find that the elements won’t heat much more than that anyway.

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