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Weight Conversion

I need some help settling a disagreement.

I wrote a recipe that i originally called for 6lbs of Pale Liquid Extract … later i ammended the recipe to replace the 6lbs of liquid with 6lbs of Light Dry DME … isn’t 6lbs … 6lbs regardless of the fact 1 is dry and 1 is wet? Or am I wrong and need to adjust the amount of dry to compensate for the difference?

any help would be great!

they are not the same amount.

Conversions: Some formulas are approximate. Simply round up or down.

Dry Malt to Liquid Malt: Dry x 25%+= Liquid

Example: 3 (LB. Dry Malt) x .25 =.75+=3.75 pounds Liquid Malt

Liquid Malt to Dry Malt: Liquid x 20% minus= Dry

Example: 6.6 (Lb. Liquid Malt ) x 20% =1.32 minus=5.28 ( Lb.Dry Malt)

so 6lbs of dry equals 7.5 liquid

So there for albs of liquid equals 4.8 lbs of dry … Hmm must see how that affects the recipe!

Thank you for your help!

correction 6lbs of liquid

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