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Weeds in my hops

i am having some issues with weeds in my hops. not worried about grass, but have some climbing stuff in there had to untangle one this morning and its growing faster than my hops as it wasnt there yesterday. is there a herbicide that i can use that will kill the weed but not my hops.

Just use several inches of mulch, to keep any weeds down. I use about 6 inches of straw.

Yeah, mat the straw down heavy…also helps the soil retain water.

Hops is a weed too so anything you use to kill weeds will kill the hops. just hand tend and use multch.

keep cutting the weed back and mulch as suggested already. The weed should loose its strength after you cut the tops of a bunch of times. It will use up its reserves in the roots trying to grow.

You can place newspaper below the mulch to keep the weeds from growing through in areas that you don’t have your bines popping up. At the end of season it will break down and will allow new growth.

Climbing type weeds are notoriously a pain in the ass to control. If it’s something like bindweed, a simple fix would be to dig the crown up at the end of the season (once it’s gone dormant), and remove as much soil as possible. This will hopefully remove any parts of the rhizome of the weed that may be clinging onto the hop crown. If you follow the weed stem to the ground and try to pull it out of the soil, you can normally see what the rhizome looks like before you break it off. If it is bindweed or wild morning glory, the rhizome they grow from is about half as big around as a #2 pencil. That’s what you should try to pick out of the hop crown before you replant. Plant the crown in a freshly prepared area which hopefully will have been cleared of weeds and you should be good to go. Perennial plants, like hops, tend to require some different management strategies than annuals. Start with good clean soil and try to keep it clean. That’s the best I can offer. Good luck!

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