Wedding Gift for My Son

My son Mike got married in Chicago over the past weekend. I wanted to make Mike and Danielle something they could use for a lifetime. I just thought I’d share a few pictures here.

I welded the frame from 1" steel angle. I used a stainless steel Chugger 3/4" center inlet mag drive pump, a ChillZilla 1/2" inside diameter CFC, 75,000 natural gas jet burners, 15.5 gallon HLT, 48 quart Igloo Ice Cube MLT and a 16 gallon BK.

The second to last picture shows my brew cart next to theirs. I hope the pictures aren’t too big. I reduced the originals by 50%.

Good. Job. Dad.
looks great, again, good job dad!

That looks great, Greg! And its a sweet gift!

Very nice!

I’ll take one dad! :cheers: Looks good!

What a fantastic idea! Looks like they love it. Nicely done!

Very nice. Are you looking to adopt?

Awesome gift Greg! Congrats to the newlyweds! I’m sure they had great beer at the reception!

Very nice, Greg. They look like a very happy couple. Some people, you can just tell they’re right for each other.

Thanks all. Yes, they had great beer at the reception. In fact, the entire wedding was beer themed. Near the end of the ceremony, they each poured a container of grain into a larger jar, thereby mixing the two grains … Tables were named by breweries and decorated as such. I had setup two portable bars, each with 6 Perlick taps and I named all my beers with wedding names. e.g. Matrimony-ale, Hoppily Ever After Pale ale, Something Borrowed Something Brewed Stout, White Veil Pale Ale, etc.
I brought 12 kegs of which 9 were gone, 2 were nearly empty and one 3-gal keg was untapped. We also had a keg from a local Illinois brewery (TightHead - Mundelein, IL) and a Michigan brewery (Founders - Grand Rapids) which were more than half full at the end. I took those home and hooked them up to my kegerator. It speaks volumes that my beer went before the CRAFT breweries.

Surprised no one else commented on that last post, Greg. Looks like a good wedding and great tap list.

Looks fantastic! I bet everyone had a great time!

Is that barley on his lapel? Surprised the bride does not have a bouquet of hops.

[quote=“in_the_basement”]Is that barley on his lapel? Surprised the bride does not have a bouquet of hops.[/quote]thats a couple hop cones.

Very nice tap list. My invite must of got lost in the mail. :oops:

Sure beats a toaster!!! :smiley: