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Website issues [when using Safari web browser]?

So since Wednesday night, the NB web site has looked like it would on a mobile phone. I have contacted them twice, and it seems to still look the same. Is this like this for everyone else?

I haven’t seen any change.

What non-phone device and web browser are you using?


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On iOS or OS X?

Safari is a web browser. You didn’t mention which device you are using. I’m going to guess that you’re using an iPad.

I use Safari on an iPad and haven’t seen any new behaviours in the last couple of weeks.

In web site design, tablets typically will use some amount of “progressive enhancement” of functionality based on screen width. On most web sites, an iPad in landscape mode will display pretty much like a desktop browser. When the iPad is in portrait mode, web sites will often drop columns of data (and look more like a phone). So if you rotate your device into landscape more, this site will generally display like it would with a desktop browser.

Also, it should be noted that over the last couple of years, Safari has become a pain in the butt for web site developers. So if you can add Chrome to your tablet, you may see pages that are more like the desktop browser version of this site.

I use chrome on my ipad…works great.

Using iPad safari; no problems here.

I was able to figure out the problem. I needed to clean up my cookies. Once i did that, everything was ok.

Life in the 2010s:

  • car gets an oil chage every 5000 miles,
  • flush the cookies in the web browser every 5k pages, and
  • (most importantly) RDWHAHB!

Good to hear you were able to fix the problem!


I did notice the link for the forum is not on the front search bar anymore. I thought that odd. Have to go all the way to the bottom of the front page. Probably be dropped completely soon.

Home brewing survived the “death” of UseNet, CompuServe and AOL (although I do miss the monthly arrival of those free AOL CDs “coasters” :slight_smile: ). A missing link or two on a home page won’t be missed for long. Many people probably type northernbrewerforum (no spaces) into their web browser’s search/address bar & get here in a single mouse click. No need to save and organize bookmarks or favorites!!

Sure but new people won’t find it. I guess MB doesn’t want us to corrupt the new people. It’s to late for the rest of us

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Homebrewing has survived many, many changes … :slight_smile:

You two talk of foreign tongue… Nothing appears to be awry on my end… If there was, I wouldn’t be able to leave you a note!!!:sunglasses: Sneezles61

Thanks for the lecture. Im sorry if I posted to general category next time I’ll post my wining under the wine making section.

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I’m with you on this one.

On the other hand, they have their in-house videos showcased. Their videos answer many of the noob questions. Of course many of the noob questions come from the brew instructions that ignore temp control. Blow-off, too rapid fermentation, off-flavors and such. I’m not sure if they have a “Stuff we didn’t write down, but you need to know anyway” video. I’ve also thought of standing up a website where users can post pictures of their beer to get a "Does this look infected?"analysis. The algorithm would be fairly simple: Wait a few minutes, then reply “no.”

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FWIW, I cannot access this forum properly at all on my old ~6-year-old Kindle Fire. After a hundred attempts I gave up trying. I don’t use the Kindle anymore anyway. Smartphone is smaller but more modern. But I digress.

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My phone goes directly to the forum. I was using an older iPad and tried to go from there main page. I don’t care but it used to be front and center that’s how I ended up here anyway. But now I digress🤔

Too much digressing and not enough brewing… gentleman!!:grin: Sneezles61

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