Web Page Update

I see there is no more ‘wish list’. Is that permanent?

My wishlist still shows up for me. You do have to go to the store side to access it, the link won’t work if you click it while in the forums section.


Same thing happened to me! My wish list was deleted. Now it says “brew list,” but all the stuff I had in my old wish list got deleted.

Same mine is empty as well. Hopefully just a bug, but then again I don’t recall if anything in mine was overly important.

“My Reviews” list is gone. I asked NB about it and they said they are still migrating stuff from the old site to the new. Time will tell.


For me the Search function doesn’t work. I have to drill down through the menus to find anything…

While we’re complaining about the site update…who has a their computer at the resolution required to view the entire site without side scrolling? I have to expand my web browser on to my other screen just to see the whole thing. Did they track their customers resolutions before making this decision? Am I the only one?

I’ve always, and still, can view the entire site without side scrolling. I have a 24" screen, with the view setting at 150% of normal size. Screen resolution is 1920 × 1080.

My work monitors are the standard 4:3 so this probably has a lot to do with it.

On my i pad I can’t see the whole screen without scrolling to the side.

I’m just gonna leave this here for the web site developers…do with it what you will


Thank you for being patient during our transition time with the new website.

We managed to move over many items from wishlists on the old website to your Brew List on the new website, however there are some exceptions. The old site was somewhat limited in what information was stored on the wish list, so some items couldn’t be moved over easily. This affects any product on the website where you need to make a “configuration” to add it to your cart, like Beer Kits, items with multiple sizes, and items with lots of accessories.

If you had something in your old wishlist that you were really hoping to get and you can’t remember what it was, don’t hesitate to contact Customer Service, at brewmaster@northernbrewer.com. We may be able to look it up and move it over by hand for you.

Can you tell us when you think the Search function will work? Also, will old links to kit instructions still be valid, or will I need to create new ones for the new site?

The yeast layout is pretty bad.

Al least make it so you can sort by brand, type, liquid or dry, etc.

the current layout hurts my brain

While it looks like there are some serious kinks to be fixed, but overall I think there’s potential here. There is more info in the checkout process for expected ship times, that’s a major upgrade right there.

Of course that leads to another kink to watch out for; the checkout refused to offer Flat Rate shipping even though my entire order was eligible. After a quick chat with a CSR, he had me place the order anyway, and he fixed the shipping retroactively. Point being, keep and eye out, but it shouldn’t stop you…