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Way to fast primary fermentation?

I’m new to brewing I’ve only done 4 brews, but this is the first time I’ve done the white house ale 5 gal kit. I used the Danstar Windsor Ale dry yeast as per the directions, I pitched the yeast at 70f (I did not test the OG because I don’t have the equipment yet, think I will invest in it next time I place an order) and I put it in my basement which stays at 62f during the summer. I pitched the yeast at noon on sunday and by 4pm (temp was 66f) it started to ferment, I checked it on Monday at 6pm(temp 68f), it had about 2inches of foam on it and it still had a lot of activity in the airlock. Today, which is Tuesday I checked it at 6am (temp was 68f) and it had about 1inch of foam, I check it again today at 6pm (temp was at 64f) and the foam had falling back into the beer and the airlock was going off once every 30-45 seconds. Most of the beers i’ve done have been done in 3-5 days before the foam fell back into the beer. Is this normal or is there something wrong?

Each yeast strain can/will act differently. Your fine. Give it 2-3 weeks and then bottle.

When doing extract beer, it’s not critical to take a OG reading. If you use all the LME/DME and have 5 gallons, your OG will be correct.

If you add additional water to account for tub loss, you could add some sugar to adjust the gravity reading. 1lb will add 1.009 in 5 gallons. Or order additional DME to make up for the water. Up to 1lb of sugar in 5 gallons will not hurt a thing.

Thank you very much for the information :smiley: , glad to know all is well.

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