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Watermelon Wheat

Has anyone made a watermelon wheat? I am intrigued by adding some watermelon flavor during bottling of a wheat beer. I’ve never had anything like it and curious if anyone has any pointers. Thanks.

How were you planning to add the watermelon flavor? Actual juice? Seems like the flavor would be very subtle.

I believe its the 21st amendment Brewery that has the hell or high watermelon wheat beer. Not a bad beer, nice for summer. Maybe shoot them an email?

Make an Imperial Wheat, then cut 50/50 with fresh-squeezed watermelon juice? Or just add a quality extract to taste at bottling if you want to go the simple route (and then you can have some with watermelon and some without).

I had thought of this a while back, and then stumbles on the aforementioned Hell and High Water. Thought that was pretty poor, so I abandoned the idea. You might want to try one of those before you invest the time, effort and money into making one.

I tried it a few years ago at the Oregon Brewer’s fest and didn’t care for it. Watermelon is a very mild tasting fruit, you’ll need a lot to really taste it.

apologies for straying off topic, as the idea sounds intriguing, but i recently had a trip to chicago where i bought up a bunch of beers to bring home and had a well’s banana bread beer…so good.

would a wheat be the best base for a watermelon taste though? now i want some watermelon juice to try, so that i could “envision” a beer with it.

I love 21st Amendment watermelon and will be making this beer in the near future (timing it with the beginning of summer in Seattle, July 5th) … at-recipe/

I brewed a batch of watermelon wheat last summer using a wheat beer kit from Midwest and a bottle of watermelon extract. It tasted ok… hell or high water was far better. Also the watermelon extract just tastes really fake. Also as a warning if you put it on tap consider replacing tubes because everything it touched had a waft of melon.
I’m considering trying to brew it again with more malt and using only fresh melon.

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