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Water testing

Will wait for the test result from ward lab. Hope i can send it of next friday. My package should arive. This wedness day. On the burtonsalt. Thing it does say. 1 tbs per 5 gallon. I know. I be sort trial by error. But feel now time to focus more on my water profile.

your tap water was 6.2? haha…way off from their 7.5-8.5 range on the info they sent you!

6.2 ? Was your meter calibrated. Also the premixed salts would work with distilled or RO waer

Yeah. Thats why me like hey. Its not right. Did even pull out the messure strip. And color said ph 6. Now we are on chemicals. What kind i need to order. To get my water profile right. Gonna place order.

No 6.2. That comes out of the water tap

What kind of supply pipes go from the Municipal supply and your tap ? Something is leaching in. Definitely test it since from what we know what they are telling you is wrong or something going on between pt A and point B. Do you always use your tap water for brewing?

I am ordering the Ward Labs water test kit. Under the Brewer’s Test Kit they offer additional water analysis for an extra fee; are these extra tests needed? I am getting back into brewing after a number of years off; I am anxious to get back into the obsession.

Additional Water Analysis
Aluminum $5.50 Copper $6.50 Fluoride $6.00 Manganese $6.50 Silica $6.00 Zinc $6.50

Thanks, Bob

Yes allways use water from the faucit mmm think. They use older steel pipes in the newer area. They move up to plastic pipe. I think not 100 proc sure

I just get the brewers test. The other stuff listed has minimal impact on brewing.

Well I’d wait for the Wards report but it looks like you could probably brew light beers with little to no acid if you’re pH is 6.2. You may even need to buffer some. Definitely need buffers in darker beers or your mash pH will be too low. Baking soda should be your go to. Cheap and easy to get at the store. Doubt you’ll need acid or acid malt often if at all.

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Metal leaching could lower pH. Does the water have a metalic taste?

No water taste fine

Lemon juice has a low pH… Try brew a whimpy light colored brew… Correct you pre mash water to 5.8… Then after half way through the mash, check your pH…
I wouldn’t add anything else after that… Well except the hops… Then see where you sit… Maybe by then you will have your calcium chloride… So say you pour up a liter of one X-beermental brew… Measure out a known quantity of calcium chloride and add to your brew… Start with a little… You can always add… See if this helps you to “season” to your liking… Just playing with stuff is what your doing…

Will try this. Got note from fedex that my water testkit. Will arrive. Wednessday on island. Just enough time to give it to a friend. Who will mail it once back i. The usa. To ward labs.

On a good note. Me walking to work. Saturday. Went past the. Cruiseboat dock. See a friend of my wife. Rememberd. he owns a farmecy here on island. Explained. What i need. Salt. other things to adjust the water. He said. No prop order for you. And no prob with. Hazemath chemicals issue. To bring in. Load everything in the medical supply. Boxes. And ship them here


Good to have connections!


First, I want to introduce myself. I used to brew often but for personal reasons I have not been able to brew the last few years. I am now getting back into brewing.

I was only getting into all-grain in the past but did not get into water chemistry; I am trying to learn about water chemistry now. I have a copy of the water report from my water source (Fairfax County, VA). The water report shows the numbers by month and there are large differences in the values by month. Some examples are: Alkalinity in 02/19 = 30 but in 10/19 = 78; Sulfate in 05/19 = 10.9 but in 12/19 = 44.1; Chloride in 01/19 is 25 but in 03/19 = 55.3. Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium were not reported. I also saw a water report for Deer Park and their report also had large swings in the values.

So, I have a couple of questions. How should I handle the water chemistry information as it changes from month to month? Should I get a Ward’s Water Report if the water changes from month to month?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Should add that I bought a Ph meter so I can check Ph. Thanks

Welcome to Northern Brewers forum…
Water is a deep subject if your not up on what does what… I’m not up on that… BUT… I have come to understand pH IS a big factor for the mash conversion… With that under my belt, I do correct water before I mash in… I have come to realize that in the winter months in Mn. it’s easier to alter my waters pH… During the months when the ground is thawed, it takes more to correct the waters pH. And why is that has been a question I’m trying to answer… The only answer I can come up with is the rain leaches minerals and carries them down to the aquifers that feed my well water… And my well is surrounded by concrete…
The other piece of the water puzzle is more like seasoning your food… Most foods taste decent without any extras added… But then some can really use a boost… I don’t mess with the seasoning side much… Playing with varying malts/specialty malts suit’s me just fine… and hops too…

Get a water report from ward lab as well and a ph meter. From that. Start building your brew water. Mmmm. Me confused as well. With water chemistry

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