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Water testing?

I happen to listen to a podcast on water testing this am. Has anyone ever looked into these guys…
Industrial Test Systems

They have an advanced kit but that just includes a ph meter that is less accurate than the one I already have. I don’t think I am going to bother with this as I feel like my current method of treating spring water is ok as my beed tastes good to me and others I share it with. I am just curious if a test kit like this would add any value to the effort of water adjustment.

I just about fell out of my recliner… You can read enough, single out just one part of the water, say start with pH… Once you have a grasp, then move on to the boil additions… Thats almost as much as I paid for my 20 gallon kettle!! Holy Moly! Sneezles61

Going from “good” tap water to filtered/RO water made a huge difference in my beer. I go to the grocery store and fill up a 5 gallon jug. It’s 39 cents a gallon and well worth it, IMHO.

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