Water testing kit

Yo, does anyone have a H2O testing kit they recommend for mineral levels? Have well water and city, only thing the homeboy that came out for the city tested for was contaminants. I know there’s prob a bunch from Lowes or something, just want input from others. THX!!

Go to wardlab.com click on the homebrewers tab. Best and most cost effective way to get a complete water analysis.

:+1::+1: thanks a bunch Dannyboy

Yes, there are test kits for many parameters. However, they are probably not going to be as comprehensive or accurate as having a suite of tests performed by a reputable lab such as Ward. The most economical of the test kits are those used by home aquarium hobbyists.

In my opinion, you are better off with the Ward test if your well water quality is typically constant (most are). If you have a variable water quality, then having at least an alkalinity and calcium test kit will help you to assess the most important parameters to brewing.

So I’ve ordered the ward labs test, but sidebar:
Do y’all know some program/website/calculator out there that can give me addition recommendations based on alkalinity, pH and hardness? I currently have all those stats, but don’t have mineral breakdowns yet. Surely to goodness there’s something out there that can advise what salt & acid volumes I need to spike the punch with, right!?!? Have at it, thanks for any help

Is this something you might be looking for.

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+1 Brunwater

Yeah, right on, that Bru’n Water webpage is sweet, but I don’t have the salts and minerals breakdown yet (magnesium, calcium, sodium, etc) BUT I do have the figures for the alkalinity, hardness and pH. So, with that in hand I was wondering if there’s a site for just those parameters. Thx again all

You can plug those into brunwater and get a pretty good idea where to go with it.