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Water ?s

Trying to fill out Bru’n or Palmers calculator with some data from an email exchange with my local water treatment facility. Here is what they were able to give me as they don’t test for all of the ions I asked about. The first 3 are easy to input but I’m confused on last 2. Is alkalinity what I put in for CaCO3 or do I need to use a formula to adjust? Also can hardness be used to figure out calcium and magnesium?

Sulfate (SO4-2) averages about 53 mg/L with a range from about 40 mg/L to 67 mg/L

Sodium (Na+1) averages about 43 mg/L with a range from about 34 mg/L to 48 mg/L

Chloride (Cl-1) averages about 53 mg/L with a range from about 33 mg/L to 76 mg/L

Alkalinity averages about 82 mg/L with a range from about 51 mg/L to 106 mg/L

Hardness averages about 117 mg/L with a range from about 72 mg/L to 152 mg/L

I think there’s a calculation for your alkalinity question…can’t remember exactly but it should be in the water knowledge sheet of Brunwater. Haven’t seen Martin on here in a while even when water questions come up but you can probably email him with questions.

Hardness = ( 2.50 X mg/L calcium) + (4.12 X mg/L Magnesium). CaCO2, Alkalinity= HCO3,bicarbonate, + CO3,carbonate + OH,hydroxyl… Now I’ve read the water book a few times and still struggle with how additions are made… I am feeling that knowing the Calcium and Magnesium is the +Hydrogen cation, which lowers pH… The Alkalinity is the ability to make you use more of a +Hydrogen to lower the pH, buffering… Sneezles61
So you need the Mg,( Magnesium) mg/L yet…

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