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Water Question

Heres the situation…

Wanting to do a simple extract batch. For the water, I don’t want to use my tap water because it doesn’t taste good (just moved in to a new place). I don’t want to use distilled water because I don’t want to hassle with mineral additions. What are my best options in this situation?

Should I use bottles water or is that a bad idea?

Thanks for any advice!

Just buy a few gallons of SPRING WATER at Wally World and use that.

Since you’re brewing extract, you should be able to use any kind of bottled water you can find at the lowest price. Around here, that’s normally “drinking water,” which is just tap water that’s been filtered using reverse osmosis. RO water is almost devoid of minerals, but you don’t need to worry about that in an extract batch. The extract should come from the factory with plenty of nutrients for yeast health.

+1 to the above. Extract - has minerals in it already.

Perhaps, if you are brewing an IPA or something like that, maybe a half tsp of gypsum if you wanted, but probably not necessary.

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