Water programs

I downloaded bru’n water just wondering if theres any program of similar quality that is a bit more user friendly

Nope. Bru’nwater looks complicated at first, and it requires a bit more info from you about your water, but follow the detailed instructions and you’ll figure it out. Worth the effort.


I thought the exact same thing when I was trying to have more control over my water. I finally just sat down with my water profile, the instructions and the program and took an afternoon to work through it. I am no computer genius by any stretch of the imagination, and I figured it out without too many major obstacles. Asked a few questions on here and had it up and going within the day.

It is really not as difficult as it first appears, and it is very user friendly once you get it set up.

Yeah, it seems difficult at first but after 15 min, or so it starts getting clear. IMO it’s so much better than any other I’ve tried that it’s worth it.


I’ll also cast a vote for Bru’n Water – it has really improved the taste of my beers. I looked at the program several times and walked away thinking it was too complicated (I was a music major in school!) before finally just sitting down and working through it, which, as Braufessor said, doesn’t take too long. I’ve found the variety of water profiles it offers to be really valuable in brewing different styles of beer. I use 100% RO water (~$4 for 10 gallons at Wal-Mart) and build from there, which made the calculations easy once I understood the program.

For now im looking to use RO water and just add to it until i get a water report. When im under the water adjustment tab at the top i see where you can pick a profile but i cant figure out how to get the target to match the actual. Is this something you have to manually adjust by trying different combinations of mineral additions until you get the best possible balance?


I agree with the others. Bru’n Water is great. As a bonus, sometimes Martin lurks around in the forum and technical questions about water.