Water Profile Suggeestions

I’m brewing the following recipe this weekend and am looking for suggestions for a target water profile.

Size: 5.5 Gal
Mash: 90 min
Boil: 90 min

8lbs Flaked Wheat
7.5 lbs: Pale 2-row
8 oz: Maple Syrup

2 oz: Willamette

Yeast: WLP320

Considering the amount of wheat and the highly fermentable syrup, I would shy away from much sulfate since it would further dry the finish. I suggest that a very modest profile like the Yellow Malty profile in Bru’n Water may be appealing. Its more chloride focused.

Thanks for the response. I have downloaded Bru N water a few times but every time I open it up, my eyes cross. So damn complicated.

I guess I need to man-up and read the instructions.

Yeah, you do actually have to read the instructions. Then you will see its not very complicated.

Unless you’re just using cheapo maple syrup and want to get rid of it, don’t waste it in a beer - 8 oz isn’t going to add a noticeable character, even in the secondary. If you want maple in the finished beer, use a quality extract at bottling/kegging instead.

Thanks for the tip.