Water Noob

OK, so I finally decided to get a water report and start to play around with Bru’n Water. Here’s my information from the report:

ph: 7.7
TDS 202
mmho/cm 0.34
Cations/Anions 3.3/3.2

Sodium 29
Potassium 2
Calcium 28
Magnesium 8
Total Hardness 103
Nitrate 0.5
Sulfate 25
Chloride 23
Carbonate < 1.0
Bicarbonate 60
Total Alkalinity 49
Total Phosphorous .17
Total Iron <0.01

I just downloaded Bru’n water and have not had the chance to play with it much but was curious how this report looks to someone who knows more about water than I do. I realize I have a lot to learn, but how else do you improve? :+1:


Looks really good! City or well water? That water should be pretty good for just about any style, but you’ll probably have more issues with keeping mash pH from going too low in darker beers. Not a bad problem to have, though.

City water, the only treatment I’ve used to this point is Campden tablets, been using 1/2 tablet/5 gallons of water roughly.


I’d say you have great water for building up just about any water profile, save the lightest of light beers. Great starting point!

I would say! Wish that was my supply water so I didn’t have to run RO! Lucky dog!

Agreed. Great water to build with. The low-ish sodium is very helpful. Mine is about 2.5x that. Lucky indeed!

I’m jealous. I wish my water looked like that.

Well that’s encouraging! :innocent: I will start to fiddle around with Bru’n Water here and see what I come up with.



Our water supply is from two different lakes. I assume they use what is available and/or mix the two. The water authority has the report online so I am looking it over. Here is the problem. For example from one source the calcium is 44.5 mg/l the other 33.5. I guess I will have to call and see if they can narrow down which source is used the most. If they change it at times or mix the two at different ratios then a having the water tested won’t due much good.

Any ideas how to deal with it or what to ask them when I call?

Would someone be able to weigh in on this? I thought before I get an actual water test done it would be good to look at the city report. From what I can tell the sulfate is a little low and the sodium is in a good range. I’m not sure if any other figures really matter.

Bellim51, pretty limited data, you will definitely need more data either from them, or from sending off your own water to be tested. The Sodium is actually pretty good(low), and the Sulfate is workable…other than that…?

been asking for a water report here they kind of strange about the fact i want a water report for my beer brew project so what i did give a jar of water to my mother to sample it in holland .over here disalnated water .results came back perfect for brewing beer i think