Water issues inside fridge

I have a commercial grade beveridge air keg fridge that I put a triple tower on a few years ago. It has a little air tube inside that goes up inside of the tower to keep the lines cold also. Lately I have been having issues inside of the fridge. On the bottom of the fridge, water is collecting somehow. It gets to maybe a half inch. In the summer the fridge was leaking some water out the door in the front. I can’t figure out why it’s getting wet and where it’s coming from. The fridge is 10 plus years old and I have never serviced any of it. I am wondering if maybe the door seal is bad and that is allowing the inside to sweat? Anyone have suggestions on what I can do or what I should look for? The fridge does have a drip pan underneath but the pan is never wet. I don’t think the temperture I have i set for makes any difference in how much water collects. Thanks.

Full disclosure first. I am not a refrigeration expert but I do know a way to check the door seal. Take a dollar bill and place it at various locations between the seal and the unit. It should hold firmly in place. If not the seal probably needs replacement.

Its condensation that forms on the walls of the frig and kegs. In the summer, every time you open the door, it puts a batch of moist air in there.

Sop up all the pooled water and keep the door closed and the problem will be reduced. Another thing that can be done is to put a tub of that DampRid stuff in the frig.

I don’t think it has anything to do with opening the door. I rarely ever open it. I think it has to be the seal of the door if you all are thinking condensation. That makes the most sense. The tower sweats even in the winter, so maybe that is the issue. I will try the dollar bill trick in a few and see what I find. It’s old so I wonder how I even go about replacing that seal?

edit: Maybe the tower seal is the problem. The tower does sweat in the summer badly.

Is this in a garage or indoors? I am in MD too and have an early 70’s Beverage Aire kegerator that I have modified to have 4 taps. Mine is REALLY old. My door seal was terrible and I got a new one, but it was close but not perfect. Mine has a drain in the bottom, but it regularly get clogged with nasty stuff and I have to clear it.

Mine is in my garage and sweats like crazy in the summer. Not so bad in the fall and winter.

If it has a drain I would definitely be checking for an obstruction. Is your tower insulated? Are you running any sort of humidity control such as an Eva Dry unit or Damp Rid?

I did the dollar bill test and the seal looks OK. Its actually pretty tight opening the front. I’m not sure where to figure out the drain. I know there is a drip tray underneath but inside the fridge I can’t see where the water would go. I’m just sort of stuck with this. I’ll flip the fridge over tonight maybe and see if I can get at that drain plug from underneath maybe.

The tower does have insulation. Never ran humidity controls, not familiar with those. I will have to look into those.

DONT FLIP IT OVER. IME that is the beginging of the end for any refridgeration system.

In most cases, refridgeration units are not to be tipped more then 45 degress, and after they are righted, they should sit for a minimum of 24 hours before they are turned on again.

If you can not see a drain hole inside the fridge, it most likely does not have one. The drip tray you see below the radiator is to collect the condensation from the coils during very humid weather and allow for it to evaporate from the tray instead of from your floors.

Mine has a drain hole right in the middle of the stainless steel floor and all 4 sides slope to it slightly. But, it is really hard to get and keep the kegerator level and I am always shimming it a little.

You also should have a drain tube out the back for the evaporator that pulls the humidity out during the refrigeration cycle. It is possible that tube is missing and that moisture is just dumping to the interior.

If you do lay this down or tip it over, let it sit in the correct position for 24 hours before turning it back on.

[quote=“560sdl”]You also should have a drain tube out the back for the evaporator that pulls the humidity out during the refrigeration cycle. It is possible that tube is missing and that moisture is just dumping to the interior.

Interesting. Maybe I do have one of those. I will heed the warnings of flipping it. It’s on wheels so I can get underneath of ita little bit. I guess I will use a flashlight and see what I see. I just gotta believe something is clogged or I have a bad seal somewhere. I’ve never had issues with water before about a year ago. It pools a lot though. I could use a whole roll of paper towels to clean it up. Very frustrating but I know I’ll figure it out. Thanks.

I’ve had the evaporator drain tube freeze up on a mini fridge before and it dumped water into the enterior. It was as simple as unplugging the fridge and allowing the frozen clog to melt.

it’s been unplugged for a week now, everything has dried up. I just need to clean it out and plug it back in and see what I can figure out I guess. It’s been happening for a while though so I don’t think anything was frozen. The fridge cools fine inside too.