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Water Heat-Up time? (Blichmann)


Just tested my single tier setup last night. Was extremely surprised how long it too me to heat water. It took close to 2 hours to heat 10 gallons from 60 degrees.

I am using 10" banjo burners with low pressure propane and low pressure orifices and 20 gal blichmann boilermakers. To be honest, the flames look strong and powerful- mainly blue with a little yellow on the tips. I have the kettles 3" above the flame and have to dial the flame down to keep flames from going up the sides of the kettle.

Any ideas or advice would be extremely helpful. Seriously did not expect 2 hours to heat water!


That does seem excessive. I can boil 25 gallons in less than 90 minutes with my set up. Did you have any wind last night? I don’t have your burners, but the kettle on my set-up is about 2 inches from the burner.

No wind. If i have the burners 2" the flames run up the sides of the kettle. Do you run low pressure? What kind of burner?

Sounds way too long to me. But, I’m not running low pressure regs with my setup. My two KAB6’s will get it to a boil in a hurry.

I’m using a high pressure burner like this one linked: … 7326_1.jpg

I have a 10 gallon boilermaker with a Bayou Classif burner and not only does the pot heat quickly, I keep the burner on wayyyyy lower than my old burner when boiling. I can hardly hear it running but I see my wort boiling. My batches are a lot faster now because of the new pot and burner (plus BIAB). My batch Sunday took me 3 h ours 30 minutes from start to finish.

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