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Water Filter?

Right now when I do a mix of Distilled water and my tap water, different ratios depending on the style. I’m just adding campden to my tap water, would there be any added benifit to moving to an inline water filter? My tap water has a very strong chlorine taste and odor, in addition to being hard water.

I’m learning water next, I just need to devote some time and braincells to this.

Our tap water just doesn’t “taste” good. Makes lousy coffee (my litmus) test for good water. I got the water analysis from our water company and it is actually pretty decent for beer…takes little or no additions for the brew I make. but, like most municipal water it has plenty of chlorine. So, I have one of those chlorine filters installed in line at one sink. Works great for the coffee and also for the beer. :wink:

Since yours has chlorine odor too, you’d definitely benefit from one of those filters.


My tap water, on the other hand, tastes and smells like chlorinated lake water and regularly fails the EPA turbidity tests. Therefore I installed a tap with an in-line filter for my brewing (beer and coffee) and drinking water.

So it really depends on how nasty your local tap water is. Another tell-tale test - run the hot water through a faucet for a bit and then smell the running water. Mine is not pleasant.

I went with the 3M under sink filter mentioned in this article to ensure my water didn’t have any foul tastes or odors. No regrets. It was easy to install. I still use a campden tablet because I haven’t determined if there is chloramine and from what I’ve heard, the campden won’t hurt anything. Also got a water test from Ward. Would be nice if they tested for chloramine too… ... er-filters

In regards to chloramine, just call your water department and they will tell you if they are used or not. I did the same a few years back and the guys there were more than happy to answer that and any other questions I had.

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