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Water filter question

Setting up my RODI system…quick question for those of you who use these for brewing.

What micron sediment and carbon filters to you use? Is 5 ok or should brewing quality be down to 1?

I would use a 5 micron sediment and an activated charcoal if your cleaning up local tap water as the 5 micron will filter out plenty and not clog up so soon. You can use a simple carbon filter if you wish but an activated charcoal will break the bond of chloramine from any municipal water source. If you have a three stage system then usually it would be a 5 micron, activated charcoal, regular charcoal for a third “polishing” stage. You can remove bacteria and other with a “true” 0.5>micron filter and/or reverse osmosis and/or uv light but as long as its a taken care of well source or city supply you may not need the last three stages I listed.

My sediment filter is 5 and the 2 carbon block filters are 10.

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