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Water amounts

Hey all,

I have a question regarding the amount of water that should be used. I have watched the Northern Brewer Advanced Homebrewing: 301 dvd and read a couple books on all grain (Charlie Papazian). From what it seems, it’s 1-1.5 quarts/lb grain (MLT), and 2 quarts/lb grain (HLT). Now, the dvd suggests to add an additional 1.5 gal H2O for the mash out. Does anyone else do this or do you just take that water from the HLT? Thanks.

I usually use 1.5 qts/lb regardless of the recipe I’m doing. Once I figure out how much will be in the kettle after absorption I figure out how much more I need to get my kettle volume up to where I want it and that is what I use to sparge with.

So if I get 2 gallons in the kettle for first runnings I sparge with roughly 4 gallons to get my 6 gallons in the kettle.

Brewing software helps with determining water volumes needed. I’ve tried the “equal runnings” method described by many on this site and have not noticed any real noticeable affect on my efficiency. YRMV.

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