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Water adjustment?

Brewing my first all-grain batch this weekend, and just found the following water report on my water district’s website (Clackamas River Water, just south of Portland, Oregon):

pH 7.7
Total Alkalinity (CaCO3) 24.0
Calcium 4.1
Sulfate 3.0
Chloride 3.2
Magnesium 1.2
Sodium 6.6
Hardness (Total) 18.0

I don’t much about water chemistry, but it seems like that sulfate is pretty low. I’m making a IPA. Should I throw a tablespoon of Gypsum in and call it good, or does it require more drastic action? Planning to treat with a campden tablet for the chloramines.


Wow, that’s really nice water for brewing light-colored beers. Yes, I’d definitely throw in some gypsum. You need more calcium and sulfate. cheers.

Thanks! Will pick some gypsum up on the way home today. Glad to hear that it is a relatively nice water profile. Will dark beers require different treatment? Thanks again for the help. Love this forum.

Yeah. Since your alkalinity is low, your mash pH is likely to be a little low with darker malts. You should download bru’nwater for more accurate advice. It’s a little intimidating at first, but easy once you look at it for a bit.

Brunwater is sound advice for the new brewer. One other app also is same similar but somewhat easier for the uninitiated to navigate.
Checkout this along with Brunwater, you can virtually plan your successful brewday with these apps now. ... calculator

Edit** I just looked closer at your water and it is the bees knees. Not many have that soft of waters and its a treat that will reward you plenty in the future.

That water is super soft. You can make Bohemian pilsner with that water. Or add salts to build whatever water you want. Lucky you.

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