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Washing machine for AG ... -2.1.1l4l0

This is part 1 of four parts.

:o wow, home brewers thinking home brew all the time.
I am proud indeed to be part of such an industrious lot.

Kind of represents a new level of mash aeration and HSA doesn’t it? :lol:

That was pretty cool! I wonder what sort of efficiency he get with that setup! :lol:

No HSA, he’s got that Honda Civic radiator chiller. And I understand he cleans the washer out with a wet/dry vac, then runs it empty with sanitizer for cleanup. I think the agitated mash is a great idea.

I’m grinning. I don’t know whether to be disturbed or envious. I just keep thinking of the guy everyone knew in high school whose first thought when encountering virtually anything was, “I could make a totally sweet bong out of that!”

My immediate thought was about efficiency, too. I’d also like to know how light the spin cycle can be and if it causes excessive tannins to be squeezed out.

That’s is something. How did you find that?

I would be some what worried about the stuff that couldn’t really get cleaned. What about the drum I’ve seen those drums get scratches and rust. Though every time I see the stainless wash drum in my machine I’ve kind of wondered how it could be done. He also had his heater hooked up to at least one galvanized barb fitting. I didn’t think galvanized fittings were okay to use, and maybe I’m just starting a big debate here.

It’s definitely a cool idea, but while watching it I was wondering what he had to do to ensure everything was food-safe. Is that pump what came with the washer, or is it one he installed?

Someone on another forum posted the link to part 2, I thought it was worth passing on. I think the pump is what came on the washer so maybe not food safe, then again I don’t think thats a huge deal.

I love the idea of the centrifugation, I don’t think that would cause tannins at all. I’ve always been skeptical of the idea of “squeezing out tannins” anyway. Tannins are relatively water soluble and the water bound to the grain has the same composition as the free wort. Unless you’re grinding the grist as you squeeze (and spinning wouldn’t grind anything), I think what you’d get is just more wort of the same composition as the runoff.

If you’re worried you could always run the delicate cycle.

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