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Warrior Test Batch

Having 1/2 an oz of Warrior left over from an IPA recipe I made I had initially intended to put it in my dry hop just to use it. Instead I have decided to make a small test batch of a pale to see just what Warrior tastes like. This is what I’ve created:

1.75 gal partial mash.

1.25 lbs golden light LME (FO)
.75 lb 2-row
.5 lb soft white wheat berries
.25 lb crystal 20
.25 lb crystal 40
1 oz carafoam
.1 oz Warrior @ 60 mins
.2 oz Warrior @ 20/5 mins

5.5% ABV
41 IBU’s

Since nobody had used it for anything other than bittering, and the guess is that it just wouldn’t add much flavor/aroma, I decided to see just what it provides.

I’ll be moving in June/July, and so this will be my last brew session until after I’m settled in, and I just don’t care to save opened hops more than a month as I don’t know how much they’ll deteriorate over time after being opened.

I’ve decided to make it a 2 gal batch instead as 41 IBU’s is fairly high, and if it isn’t so good it will be a bit much to handle.

So I’ll add 1/4 lb of LME, 1 oz of carafoam, and 1 oz to each crystal malt, which keeps the numbers the same except drops the IBU’s to 36.

Anyone ever use it for other than bittering?

Any thoughts to what the flavor may end up being like?

Never used it yet, but I just got a pound of it and am interested in your results.

Tried a bottle of the Warrior version of Mikkeler’s Single Hop series a while back. I recall a lot of tea-like qualities.

What do you mean by tea-like?

I was hoping this wouldn’t taste funky, and then I read a description that said it might be good for flavoring too as it tastes something like Columbus, but that there was very little aroma, which alleviated my concerns.

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