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Warrior Dry Hopping

Hey All, long time no post for me.

I am at the start of an IPA brew day (took a day off work - Awesome) and wanted to get some input on my dry hop plans. I am bittering with Warrior & the aroma/flavor hop additions are Citra, Galaxy & Nugget with plans to dry hop with all of the leftovers from the hop additions. I know Warrior is a pretty neutral hop so I am wondering would I even get anything out of it if I used the leftover 0.5oz for dry hopping? The dry hops right now are tentatively 0.5oz Citra, 1.5oz Galaxy & 0.5oz Nugget. Pretty strong aroma hops, I know. My hope is that I may get a little more resiny pine aroma from the Warrior to go with what I am getting from the Nugget. Or is the Galaxy & Citra going to overwhelm everything anyways? Thoughts? Recipe Below.

85% 2-Row
7% Munich
4% Crystal 40L
4% CaraRed

0.5oz Warrior @ 60’
0.5oz Citra @ 15’
0.5oz Galaxy @ 15’
0.5oz Nugget @ 5’

Wyeast 1272 American Ale II

Thanks All!

well, it’s not going to hurt anything and you might get something out of it but I think it would be hard to really tell with all the other stuff in there. You could also save it for another bittering shot on another batch.

I agree with the above statement— save the extra warrior for another brew day.

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