Warming malt extract

Hi All,
I,ve heard that you can warm malt extract int the bottle,s on the stove in some hot water on low heat with a towel in the bottom of the pot. Anyone tried this?I dont get good results letting them sit it a sink full of hot water…Thanks…Tankie :cheers:

Microwave works better.


After getting the syrup out, I use a glass measuring cup and put some of the hot wort back in the jug and shake it up to get all the syrup left on the sides.

I basically do the same, but I take the measuring cup worth out before pouring the extract.

when I was showing my brother how to brew, I put some of the hot wort into the plastic jar to get the rest out. I had a few high OG brews already. I shook the jar on its’ side & the pressure change blew the lid off & sprayed me in the face with hot wort. :lol: I looked at him & said, “And don’t EVER do that.”

Excellent point. I always crush the carton before putting the lid on and shaking it.