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Warm Fermenting Yeast Strains

When I started brewing the Kveik strains had yet to be revealed to the world and during the summer months I was limited to Saison strains for brewing (because I have limited space for fermentation control). While Saisons are one of my favorite styles I’m not always in the mood and sharing Saisons with the uninitiated is a mixed bag.
What are your favorite yeasts for lazy no temperature control fermenting?
I think the categories of strains capable of clean fermentation at warm temps falls into.

1 Traditional Ale strains that push the envelope
2 Saison strains
3 Kveik strains
4 Brettanomyces
5 Wild Yeast and Bacteria
6 Distillers Yeasts
7 Wine Yeasts
8 Bread Yeasts

The entire Milk The Funk Wiki is filled with amazing info about warm fermenting strains.
Their Kveik page is especially useful

I am a big fan of Voss which every yeast manufacturer now carries and Oslo from Bootleg Biology

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Some traditional Ale strains that push the envelope are.
Citrus A20

Wyeast 3725-PC BIÈRE DE GARDE ™ère-de-garde
US-05 is capable of going quite warm at 82F

At the moment the only kind of yeast i do use. Kveik. Got. Some saison yeast as well. Use that as backup yeast

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